Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Secrets

New Game +

As with most RPGs that have this option, New Game + only appears once the main game is finished. By starting a new game with this file you'll be given access to a few options and secrets that are not available in a normal new game. Here's a short list of these new abilities:

Clothing Additions: The protaganist is given a choice between new clothing at the start of the game: a leather jacket and a hooded jacket.

First Person Viewpoint: Pressing the Select button in New Game + allows you to enter first person mode, which is the viewpoint utilized in the previous titles. This doesn't work in all areas, however; specifically ones with fixed camera angles.

Extra Press Turn: If you managed to get high scores on all 24 tombstones in the Burial Chambers inside the Labyrinth of Amala you will be able to unlock an extra press turn icon. In order to get it, make your way to the Burial Chamber 1.

Demon Level Requirements Removed: The Protagonist will be able to summon any demon regardless of its level. Extremely useful for obvious reasons. A surprising amount of early demons can be fused to form some pretty powerful ones.


Cheaper Cathedral of Shadows Prices

If you manage to fill in every last demon within your Demonic Compendium the Summoner there will cut all demon summoning prices in half. This ability will be carried over into any New Game + files made from this save. Combining this with the ability to summon any demon regardless of a level in New Game + will speed things up for you dramatically.


The Pixie's Purpose

The first Pixie you come upon in the game is a special one. If you manage to hold on to her (or another demon fused or evolved from her) until you get to the Fifth Kalpa in the Labyrinth of Amala, she will be able to open a door that no other demon will be able to open. Once inside, the creature will revert to the form of the Pixie (regardless of what you evolved or fused it into), be boosted up to Level 80, be given a handful of new spells and have her skill points boosted up high enough to open most of the locked doors in the area. While it's not vital to hold on to her or one of her descendants, it is recommended.


Unlocking the Pierce Skill

Marogareh, the first Magatama you receive, has a skill on it that is listed simply as a question mark. It is impossible to earn this skill for your Protagonist through normal level raising. Once you complete the Labyrinth of Amala's Fifth, and final, Kapla, the skill will be unlocked. However, finishing the game in this manner locks in a certain ending and the others become unavailable. The choice is up to you, but the result is worth seeing on one of your play throughs.

Demons under your control can learn Pierce in a more roundabout method; however, this method does not require you to finish the Fifth Kapla and thus does allows you to reach one of the other endings. In the Fifth Kapla defeat Metatron to unlock him in the Cathedral of Shadows. Once he is fused, place him in your party and make your way to the doorway that can only be opened by "one of light". This time around you can open the door since Metatron is in your party. Make your way through this area to the Shady Broker, who will be selling the demon Gimimahkala for 200,000. This particular Gimimahkala holds the skill of Pierce, which can be transferred through Sacrifice Fusions if so desired.


Efreet's Macca

Once you're given access to the Second Kalpa of the Labyrinth of Amala, you'll be able to gather up 250,000 Macca from the demon Efreet. Make your way through the Kapla until you reach an area with a dark colored floor. This area is cursed and all members of your party will receive damage as you travel through it. Make sure to check your HP every few steps and heal as necessary. Once you make it to the end you will come upon Efreet, who will be impressed enough by your strength to hand over the Macca. This can only be done while the floor is cursed; afterwards, he will only be there to talk about the Star Key you will need, so don't wait too long.