Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Storyline

Following the change brought about by the Meiji restoration, the town of Teito, which was more or less stuck in the Edo Period, was quickly modernized. The lives of the locals changed suddenly and social classes were developed. Teito became a town where various types of people came together... but even more mysteries developed because the town also became the so-called "demon capital".

One day, a request for a case comes in to the Narumi Detective Agency. Raidou, a still learning detective, takes the case, which involves a young girl. In the dark of night, she meets him and simply ays "Please kill me...". The fact that the girl called the Narumi Detective Agency for such a request leads Raidou to wonder about her true intentions. Yet, before any more can be said, she is whisked away by a robotic military officer in a red cape.

This girl turns out to be Kaya Daidoji, the only daughter of a prominent wealthy family residing in Teito. Raidou, under command from Narumi, uses his Devil Summoning abilities in an attempt to find her whereabouts. Raidou is determined to find the truth.

Just why was she important? Why was she kidnapped? What was that giant robot and who is responsible for it? Does any of this have a connection to the sudden surge of demonic activity? These are just a few of the things Raidou must uncover.