Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Characters

This section features information on the main and supporting characters for this title.


Raidou Name: Raidou Kuzunoha XIV
Age: Late teens
Occupation: Devil Summoner, Fledgling Detective

Bio: Raidou is the fourteenth in his line of ancestral demon summoners and has been ordered to protect Teito. He works at the Narumi Detective Agency, learning that trade while gathering information from every area in Teito that contains demonic activity. Raidou is accompanied by a talking cat familiar that goes by the name of Gatou.

He carries a sword and gun for regular use. Under his overcoat, he carries a supply of vials used in the capturing and sealing of demons.


Narumi Name: Narumi
Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Narumi Detective Agency Chief

Bio: Narumi is Raidou's superior and owner of the Narumi Detective Agency. He has an unexpected history and as such has connections to high ranking sources in the government and military.

Narumi is a cheerful guy who loves to take it easy. Unfortunately for Raidou, this means he is stuck with a majority of the agency's cases. Despite this, he is not necessarily a bad guy and is quick to help out others who truly need his help.


Tae Name: Tae Asakura
Age: Early 20s
Occuptation: Investigative Journalist, Novelist

Bio: A journalist for the Teito Shimbou newspaper. She writes under the pen name of "Kichou" to sidestep sexual discrimination in the work place that is common during the time period. She is absolutely determined to accomplish her goal of raising the role and stature of women in the workplace.

Most journalists of the Taisho period employ lower ranking workers to gather information and write up their reports based upon that. Tae, however, gathers materials and clues on foot by herself, giving her a personal edge. She has a sense of charm that aides her well on investigations. In addition, she works on non-fiction novel writing in her spare time.

As a journalist and novelist, she is very interested in paranomal activity. She has pursued such phenomenon into the city, where her investigations cause her to make regular appearances at the Narumi Detective Agency.


Kaya Name: Kaya Daidoji
Age: 15
Occuptation: First year student at the Sakura Womens Insitute

Bio: Kaya is the only daughter of the long standing Daidoji family. She grew up in a wealthy Teito household, but now passes time in the Sakura Womens Institute.

She is calm and quiet, but holds a secret she yearns to tell her classmates. However, to tell this secret, would trigger a major incident within the Daidoji ancestry.

She is the key figure within the story.


Victor Name: Victor
Age: Rumored to be over 100
Occupation: Head of the Demonic Union Facility

Bio: Victor is a scientific genus who burns with passion for the creation of life. He wandered many countries, but eventually came to the far eastern side of Japan where he remains. He currently conducts his research in Teito without being disturbed.

He offers the a service that unites two demons, fusing them into a new creation. Because a Devil Summoner can offer him new research material, he and Raidou develop a "give and take" relationship.


Rasputin Name: Rasputin
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Dark Summoner

Bio: A mysterious monk from Russia that was assassinated in 1916. However, in reality, he did not die and his death was disguised. It is rumored that he is immortal. His natural ability is that of a Dark Summoner.

Being faithful only to himself, he undertakes any request for gold. He is currently lurking within Taito, working for a certain employer that supports the plans of the Super Power Army.