Overview :: Velvet Room

The Velvet Room will be familiar to any Persona fan. For those not familiar, it is essentially where you will be creating all of your Personae. It contains more than one entrance, so reaching it is not usually a problem. Here you will meet two figures: Igor and Elizabeth. Igor takes care of the Fusion of Personae while Elizabeth takes care of the Compendium and Quests. Here is a general explanation.


Fusion is more complex than it might first seem. On a basic level, it's the combination of more than one Personae to make a new one (at first, most of your Personae will likely be gained by choosing a card after battles). Beyond this, however, is a string of rules that will be explained to you by Igor. The Arcana is determined by the Arcana of its "parents" and the new Persona will also inherit abilities from them as well. These abilities are affected by its Arcana, but also by its type. For example, a healing Persona will not be able to learn physical attacks no matter what you try.

Initially you are offered two types of spreads in which to fuse new Personae: the traditional two card spread and the three card triangle. What Personae can be created is not only affected by its Arcana and type, but also by which spread you use. As time goes on, you will be given the ability to use more complex spreads that require more cards. The upside is that the resulting Personae are generally more rare and powerful.

Like other titles in the general franchise, it is possible for a fusion to go wrong. While rare, you will wind up with a Persona that is nothing like you wished to create. It is recommended that when attempting more complex fusions that you save beforehand.

There is also a chance that you will create a Persona that has an item associated with it. You will be given this item by the Persona when it has gained a set amount of levels.


Elizabeth enables the Compendium in May. It allows you to keep a record of any Personae you currently have. Their level and abilities will be added to the book and from then on you may summon these Personae for a price. You may update these Personae as they gain more abilities or change, if you wish to.


The important thing to note is that you will not gain Social Link experience for Personae gained in this manner. It will be exactly as you recorded it. In addition, if you record a Personae with a move you do not care for, the only thing you can really do about it is Fuse a new one and overwrite it.


Early on in the game, Elizabeth also informs you that she has some requests. Requests are essentially smaller side missions in which Elizabeth asks you to fulfill a certain goal. These might be as simple as buying her an item at the store or fusing a Persona. Others require you to make it to certain levels in Tartarus and bring back proof, while others require you to hunt down very specific enemies.

Requests are very dependant on one another in that some will not be available until others are completed. Others will not be available until certain dates. Furthermore, while some are indefinite, some are required to be turned in by a certain time. Elizabeth rewards completing these quests with items. Some are more run of the mill (if not on the expensive side), while others are rare equipment. Some are also necessary to fuse particular Personae in the Velvet Room.