Persona 3 Characters (Basic Information)

We now offer two separate Persona 3 character pages. The one you are currently on provides only basic information about the main characters within the game with the intention of keeping things as spoiler-free as possible. The second page goes further in-depth with the characters and assumes you have essentially completed most of the game and are interested in reading more about them. You can few the complete character page here or by using the navigation on the right.


Protagonist Name: The Protagonist
Japanese Name: 主人公
Persona: Orpheus

Bio: A seventeen year old student who recently transferred to a new high school in April as a sophomore (second year student). The students take a monorail each day from their dormitory on Iwatodai south-east towards their high school, located on the man-made Port Island. After being attacked by a Shadow near his dormitory, he gains the ability to summon Personae. His power differes from the others thanks to the fact that he can change his Persona at will. Thanks to this power, he becomes the leader of various excursions into Tartarus to help defeat the Shadow. Why his ability different from that of the others is not understood. His weapon of choice in these battles against the Shadow is the sword.


Junpei Iori Name: Junpei Iori
Japanese Name: 伊織順平
Persona: Hermes

Bio: A friend and fellow classmate of the Protagonist, known as a bit of a big mouth. He is a temporary exchange student and and gets along well with the Protagonist thanks to the fact that they're both new to the school. His fighting ability and friendship with the Protagonist lead to his involvement in a group that plans to destroy the Shadow. He is able summon the Persona named Hermes, the Greek god of travelers, athletics and messenger to the mortals. He is more commonly known by his Roman name, Mercury.

Character Voice: Toriumi Kōsuke, who is sometimes credited as "Fube Tomomi". His previous voices for anime and games include titles such as Soul Calibur II, Naruto and Baten Kaitos.


Yukari Name: Yukari Takeba
Japanese Name: 岳羽ゆかり
Persona: Io

Bio: Another fellow classmate of the Protagonist, Yukari is cheerful and optimistic. She is very independant, but also very caring. Thanks to this, she sometimes puts the well being of others before herself or the interests of the S.E.E.S.. She and Junpei are know to tease each other on a very regular basis. She resides in the same dormitory as the Protagonist and Junpei Iori, on the girls' floor.

Her Persona is Io, a tragic female of Greek mythology.

Character Voice: Her voice is provided by Toyoguchi Megumi, an actress who has a long list of game and anime voices under her belt. She was the voice of Adonis in the Japanese version of Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity, another Atlus title.


Akihiko Name: Akihiko Sanada
Japanese Name: 真田明彦
Persona: Polydeuces

Bio: Akihiko is Captain of the school boxing team. He is calm and composed on the exterior, but inside he is ambitious and passionate. Girls at the school are constantly fawning over him, but he pays them little attention. Akihiko fights with his bear hands or weapons that promote that style, such as small handled double blades.

His Persona is Polydeuces, a son of Zeus known for his boxing ability.

Character Voice: Voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru, a respected voice actor for anime in Japan. He has done voices for Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon, Naruto and many others.


Mitsuru Name: Mitsuru Kirijo
Japanese Name: 桐条美鶴
Persona: Penthesilia

Bio: Mitsuru is President of the school's Student Council and daughter of the owner of a large business group. It is rumored that the school itself is owned by the Kirijo Group. She is strict, with wisdom beyond her years. Knowledge is extremely important to her and she studies often. Her weapon of choice is the rapier.

Her Persona is Penthesilia, an Amazonian Queen and daughter of Ares, the god of war. Penthesilia alos grants her the ability to sense the Shadow at a distance.


Character Voice: Her voice is provided by Rie Tanaka, a famous seiyuu in Japan. She is responsible for voices in Chobits, Gundam SEED and many others.



Ikutsuki Name: Shuuji Ikutsuki
Japanese Name: 幾月修司
Persona: N/A

Bio: Ikutsuki is the book smart Chief Director of the High School. His proper demeanor and bad puns lead to him being considered pretty lame by most of the students there. More importantly, he is also the main advisor for the school's extra-curricular activities, including the special group formed by the game's heroes. He is incapable of utilizing Personae.

Character Voice: His voice is provided by Hori Hideyuki. He has done voices for Gundam SEED Destiny, Saint Seiya and many others.



Yamagishi Kazabana (Yamagishi Fuuka) Name: Fuuka Yamagishi
Japanese Name: 山岸風花
Persona: Lucia

Bio: Fuuka is a student of a different homeroom than the other members of S.E.E.S. She is incredibly shy and softspoken, which often causes her to be bullied by other students. Although she is capable of using a Persona, it is believed that she is not able to withstand battles. Since she is extremely capable of using electronics and her Persona lends her an ability similar to Mitsuru's, she joins the rest of the team against the Shadow, offering support and special information.

Character Voice: Voiced by Mamiko Noto, yet another active Japanese seiyuu. She is known for her roles in Full Metal Panic, Elfen Lied and Ah My Goddess, among many others.



Shinjiro Aragaki Name: Shinjiro Aragaki
Japanese Name: 荒垣真次郎
Persona: ??

Bio: A 3rd year high school student and an acquaintance of Akihiko Sanada's. He's rough character who tries to maintain a cool attitude, but underneath appears to be kind.. He appears unable to use Personae.

Character Voice: Unknown.




Ken Amada Name: Ken Amada
Japanese Name: 天田乾
Persona: Nemesis

Bio: A young boy in the 5th grade. It is discovered that he has extraordinary aptitude when it comes to Persona usage. As such, he joins the group, although seemingly to the dismay of the older members. Due to his age, his companions are constantly watching over him. Ken Amada fights with various large spears.

Character Voice: Unknown.



Koromaru Name: Koromaru
Japanese Name: コロマル
Persona: Cerberus

Bio: Koromaru lost his master years ago to an accident. Since then he has lived alone as a stray. When it is discovered that this animal is able to summon personae, he fights alongside the Protagonist. He attacks with various blades clenched in his jaws.

Character Voice: ??. Not listed as anything more than question marks in any material provided by Atlus.



Aegis Name: Aigis
Japanese Name: アイギス
Persona: Pallas

Bio: A human-like (android) weapon made in order to subdue the Shadow. Her complex construction has allowed her to be bestowed with an "ego", in order to facilitate Persona usage. She has another important mission beyond that, but it remains a mystery. In addition to super-human acrobatic abilities, Aigis is able to shoot bullets from her retractable fingertips.

Aigis is named after the shield Zeus used in battle against enemies, which is spelled "Aegis". The modern English version of the word Aegis translates simply to "shield". This obviously coincides well with the protective purposes of Aigis's design.

Character Voice: Maaya Sakamoto. Japanese seiyuu known for her work in anime such as The Vision of Escaflone. She also has extensive game voice over and film dubbing credits. In addition, Maaya is a singer and has released a handful of albums.


Takaya Name: Takaya
Japanese Name: タカヤ
Persona: N/A

Bio: Takaya assumes leadership of a weird group of three characters that act as rivals of sorts to the Protagonist and his associates. All three are able to exist normally during Shadow Time.

He carries a revolver that he keeps tucked in his belt. He also carries a tattered red cloth with him.

Character Voice: Nobutoshi Canna. Japanese voice actor known for his work in anime such as Initial D. He is probably more well known for his work in Japanese video games, however, including voices for titles such as Final Fantasy X-2, the Soul Calibur series and pretty much ever voiced Sonic the Hedgehog related title.


Chidori Name: Chidori
Japanese Name: チドリ
Alternate Translation: Plover
Persona: N/A

Bio: The second member of Takaya's group. She carries a large hand axe attached to a chain, which she throws as an attack.

Chidori's name also translates to "Plover". A plover is a certain type of insect hunting, wading bird. You might see either one of her names on various web sites.

Character Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro. An actress that has appeared in various live action Japanese films. She also does the voice work for Igor's assistant, Elizabeth, in Persona 3.


Gin Name: Jin
Japanese Name: ジン
Alternate Translation: Gin
Persona: N/A

Bio: The third and final member of Takaya's group. He seems to be the demolitionist of the group, carrying both a grenade and a large, metal suitcase.

Character Voice: Masaya Onosaka. A voice actor that has appeared in numerous games including Rogue Galaxy and the Dynasty Warriors series.