Revelations: Persona Storyline

Persona focuses on a group of high schoolers and the strange events that encompass them and their hometown of Lunarvale. The hero (your character, which can be named whatever you please) and a few of his friends gather together in a room of their school and play a strange, ritualistic game known as "Persona". Many of them consider it similar to things such as "Bloody Mary": in other words, a bunch of nonsense. However, the ritual winds up working and the hero and his friends pass out.

In this state they meet a masked man named Philemon who tells them of their awakened powers and new purpose. Upon waking the children discover that they are now able to summon incredibly strong beings known as Personae. The difference between these summons and those of other games is simply that the Persona are meant to represent other sides or selves of the character. In essence, they are the characters in a different form. It is said that each person has infinite Persona or selves, although obviously the game focuses on certain ones.

From there the game goes into various other strange occurances including the strange, illegal dealings of the SEBEC Corporation. Headed by Guido Sardenia (Kandori Takahisa in Japan) the company manages to create a machine powered by electromagnetic waves that can open a gateway to an alternate dimension. It becomes clear that SEBEC and Guido are influenced and supported by someone or something more powerful than they are.

Unfortunately, these waves come from the mind and thoughts of an already illness-proned friend of the main characters' named Mary (Maki Sonomura in Japan) who has formed an imaginary world in her imagination to escape to. The characters are dragged into this "ideal" world created by Mary's thoughts and find that it's not as ideal as one would have hoped.