Jack Bros. Characters

jack frost Name: Jack Frost
Power: Snow
Information: Jack Frost is probably the nicest and most personable of the three Jack Bros. This is his first starring role, despite being a staple character in the MegaTen universe.

Being a snowman, his powers involve snow and ice. His standard attack is the weakest of the three's powers, allowing him to throw a snowball in whichever direction he is facing. His special attack calls forth snow and wind, simultaneously damaging all on-screen enemies and freezing them in place for a short period of time.




jack lantern Name: Jack Lantern
Power: Fire
Information: Jack Lantern is perhaps not quite as friendly as Jack Frost, but he's certainly not malevolent either. The two are often seen in eachother's company.

Jack-o-lantern's all have a flame within them and Jack Latern is no different. His attack is a fireball that can be sent in whichever direction he is facing. His special attack launches several fireballs in all directions, hitting all on-screen enemies for mid-range damage.





jack skelton Name: Jack Skelton
Power: Blades
Information: Jack Skelton (aka Jack Ripper in Japan) is apparently the most violent of the three Jack Bros. That or he just really love sharp, shiny things. He carries a large blade with him at all times, reminiscent of his namesake.

Skelton's attack power is the highest of the three. However, he is the only one of them that does not have a main projectile attack. Instead, he must hold out his blade and hit enemies directly. His special attack calls for a barage of razors that fly around the screen, hitting all enemies for big damage.




jack skelton Name: Pixie
Power: Magic
Information: Pixie is your guide on this adventure. Her backstory in this game is almost entirely dependant on who you beat the game with. However, her purpose in gameplay is the same for all three Jack Bros.: to explain the different things required of you and warn you of dangers.