Digital Devil Saga 2 Characters

This section is divided into two parts. The part you are currently at deals with information that is presented near the beginning of the game or that should be known following the completion of the original Digital Devil Saga.

If you would like to read information about the characters before starting of Digital Devil Saga 2, please go here.


Serph Name: Serph
Real World Name: Serph Sheffield
Atma: Water Crown
Demon: Varna
English Voice: Crispin Freeman
Japanese Voice: Nojima Kenji

Information: Serph eventually is able to find the rest of the Embryon Tribe. With help from the Lokapala, he continues on his hunt to save Sera. In the process, Serph is heavily wounded by Heat within the EGG Installation. Serph falls down a shaft, leading the Embryon to assume the worst. As such Gale is given control of the group.

Later it is discovered that Serph infact survived the attack and healed over time within fluid used by the EGG Installation. Assumingly, this helped speed up his otherwise impossible recovery, although there's also the factor of Schrödinger's intervention. However, he winds up dying alongside Sera. Their data is sent to the Sun where it combines into a singular, more powerful being known as Seraph. This being is able to attain true enlightenment and thus joins Shroedinger in the paradise the Tribes were always trying to reach.

Serph dies along Sera before they are able to achieve enlightenment. It is only together as the Seraph that they fully realize their purpose. As such, Seraph remains in the true Nirvana, while Serph and Sera are both reborn in their original forms and join their friends back on Earth.

Real World Information: Serph was employed by the Karma Society to assist with the so-called "God Project". In order to achieve success with the project and realize its full potential, he makes the decision to allow Sera to die in the process if necessary. Realizing this, Sera's pain and anger is transferred to God, whom she is able to directly communicate with. This attempt to match the power of God though science, further enchanced by Sera's communication and other errors throughout history causes a reaction from God. Thus the Sun is blackened, giving way to the Couvier Syndrome.

The AI model of Serph is seemingly based only on the positive aspects of his character that were presented to her. The AI model contains none of the callous qualities he did within the real world.


Argilla Name: Argilla
Real World Name: Argilla
Atma: Seismic Wave
Demon: Prithivi
English Voice: Amanda Winn Lee
Japanese Voice: Touma Yumi

Information: Argilla is found to be safe and so she rejoins the Embryon. She is at first untrusting of Roland, but eases up over time. She and Roland both attempt to defeat the massive demon Meganada, but their attacks prove to cause it little harm. While they're together, the decision is made to overload and destroy the Power Plant they are within. The resulting explosion kills Roland, Argilla and Meganada.

Argilla's data joins the rest of the group on the Sun, potentially inheriting the powers of Jinana. Upon Brahman's defeat, she is reborn along with many of her friends many years later. Joined by an older Fred, she and her friends run through the newly reborn forest.

Real World Information: Argilla works alongside both Heat and Serph on the God Project. Her role is smaller, seeing her act as a nurse for Sera. Her feelings for Serph cloud her judgement, allowing her to be manipulated in the process. As such, she winds up shooting Heat as he argues with Serph over the importance of Sera's life in the God Project. Argilla is later eaten by an unleashed Varna.

The AI model of Argilla, again, seems to be based solely on the positive aspects of her character. We do not see the weak, manipulated Argilla, but rather a woman who is brave and strong, yet still in touch with her morals and emotions.


Heat Name: Heat
Real World Name: Heat O'Brien
Atma: Fireball
Demon: Agni
English Voice: Steven Jay Blum
Japanese Voice: Midorikawa Hikaru

Information: Heat is separated from the rest of the Embryon due to the destruction of the Junkyard. Unlike the rest of them, however, he decides to side with Madame Couvier and the Karma Society. Extremely in touch with the anger he experienced in the real world, it seems as though Heat wishes to gain power in attempt to extract revenge on his supposed "comrades". Through this, he is able to become Vritra, an even more powerful demon. It seems through all of this his through process is clouded due to his conflicting emotions.

However, within the EGG Installation, Serph is able to destroy Vritra. Heat's data is sent up to the Sun, where he rejoins the Embryon. Heat is later reborn and seen joining his friends in the forest with Fred. Whether or not he rejoins you in battle depends on Serph's choices previously.

Real World Information: Unlike some of his co-workers, Heat is strongly opposed to the idea of potentially killing Sera in the name of the God Project. As such, he tries to stop Serph from continuing his work by brandishing a gun. However, before he can make his final move, Argilla kills Heat.

The AI model of Heat is based upon this. While it seems most likely that he simply did not want Sera to die largely due to moral reasons, the AI model has this come off as more of some sort of jealous love.


Gale Name: Gale
Real World Name: David
Atma: Twister
Demon: Vayu
English Voice: Steven Jay Blum
Japanese Voice: Hideyuki Hori

Information: Gale forms a bond with Fred, largely due to the fact that he considers himself responsible for the death of Lupa in the Junkyard. Lupa was the AI version of Greg, Fred's father. It is made apparent that he has some recollection of his life within the real world.

Gale realizes his connection to Jenna over time. Jenna, to some level, is able to sense this connection as well. When Gale tells her that this is because the thoughts of her now dead lover, David, are within him, she is unable to accept it. She becomes violent in her attempts to deny this idea. In the process, they both stab eachother through the torso area, dying together in the process.

His data is sent to the Sun, where he can potentially gain the strength of Lupa due to their connection.

Real World Information: David worked alongside Jenna at the Karma Society. Their relationship seemingly extended beyond this into a loving one, as well. Due to increasing problems in the real world, David winds up catching the Couvier Disease and is sent to the Isolation Ward. Jenna'a main work involved finding a cure for this epidemic, particularly for her beloved David. Unfortunately, the Isolation Ward was destroyed by terrorists. Jenna finds him, but he subsequently dies while she is holding on to him.

David is an interesting case because he seems to be the only one of the Embryon that had no direct contact with Sera in the real world. Despite this, David and the AI model known as Gale are able to come together as one being. It is possible, due to the idea presented by this game that "all are one", that Sera was aware of existance on some level through her relationship with Jenna Angel and the God Project.


Cielo Name: Cielo
Real World Name: Cielo
Atma: Rainbow Arch
Demon: Dyaus
English Voice: Dave Wittenberg
Japanese Voice: Miura Hiroaki

Information: Cielo is found to be a captive of the Lokapala, headed by Roland. Roland releases Cielo from captivity when it decided that he will join the Embryon's cause.

Cielo eventually dies while trying to help Sera and Serph make their way to Angel. He is torn apart by aerial attacks, but his efforts are successful. As such, his data leaves him and makes its way towards the Sun, where he eventually joins his friends to fight in the final battles. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach enlightenment and as such is born again on Earth amongst his friends.

Real World Information: Cielo is one of the potential Cyber Shamans, alongside Sera. He and she meet early on and form a bond. However, whereas Sera made it through the testing phases, Cielo was unable to and died. God's power was too much for him.


Sera Name: Sera
Real World Name: Sera
Atma: Unknown
Demon: Varnani
English Voice: Wendy Lee Curtis
Japanese Voice: Houku Kuwashima

Information: Sera is recaptured by the Karma Association, where she is reinstalled in the EGG Installation. It is revealed that she is the daughter of Jenna Angel, who acts as both a mother and a father. It is unclear as to whether this means Jenna is a hermaphrodyte with fully developed sexual organs from both genders, or if Sera is simply cloned from DNA.

As a Cyber Shaman, she is both able to communicate with God and soothe demons. Through this connection, she is able to form her own AI models, each of which are based upon people she has contact with due to the project. These models are based on the sides of the people she sees, rather than their full character. Due to a longing to get out and enjoy herself in the outdoors, she creates situations where her and her new friends may have fun. However, her creations are discovered and in an attempt to hide them she places them within the artificial Junkyard world.

Sera dies alongside Serph and their data is sent to the Sun. Their data combines to form Seraph, allowing them to prove to God that there is value within human life and that their world need not be destroyed. Unfortunately, enlightenment only comes to this new being and thus Serph and Sera are both reborn again on Earth.


Roald Name: Roland
Atma: Lightning Bolt
Demon: Indra
English Voice: Unknown
Japanese Voice: Nobutoshi Kanna

Information: Roland decides to join the Embryon's cause early on, helping them reach Sera and figure out their past. Upon the escape of Meganada, both he and Argilla decide to remain the Power Plant and destroy it for the greater good. They lose their lives in the process, but also dispose of the nearly invincible Meganada.

Roland rejoins you on the Sun once his data reforms. Whether or not he rejoins you in battle is dependant on previous choices. If Heat rejoins you, Roland will not. The same is true of the opposite.



Sera Name: Jenna Angel
Atma: Maelstrom
Demon: Hari Hara
English Voice: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Japanese Voice: Tomizawa Michie

Information: Jenna is the Chief Director of the Karma Society and as such commands power just below that of Madame Couvier. She is deeply concerned with mankind's past and how it will affect the future, particularly in the vein of environmental factors. She was born as a hermaphrodyte due to some sort of corruption from the Sun. As such, she became the first to realize the issues the Sun's rays could cause (such as the future issues causing the Couvier Syndrome).

Her partner, David, came down with the Couvier Syndrome. Her attempts to find a cure were thwarted by his death, caused by a terrorist attack on the Isolation Ward where he was kept. Gale tells Jenna that Davis is inside him when they are at the Airport. Refusing to believe something like this, Jenna reacts violently and stabs him. He in turn stabs her and they die together.

Her data is sent to the sun, with the potential of her abilities merging with Seraph's. She is eventually reborn amongst the others, retaining a strong bond to the reborn version of Gale/David.


Madame Couvier Name: Madame Margot Couvier
English Voice: Unknown
Japanese Voice: Hiroko Emori

Information: Madame Couvier is the manager of the Karma Society. She is an extremely intelligent woman, being the first to discover the cause and condition of the disease that caused humans to turn to stone under the Sun's rays. As such, this disease was named the "Couvier Syndrome". She is responsible for the dome that was built over Karma City in attempt to block out God's harmful corrupted data. Under her watch, the Society also chose certain Elites to live within this dome, forcing all others to live underground in order to survive.

Through her and Jenna's research it was discovered that demons were immune to the corrupted data. As such, it was determined that this strain should be added to those within the Karma City to ensure their future existance.

Jenna's constant disagreements with Couvier build up over time. Eventually Jenna shoots Couvier point blank in the head, sending her data off to the Sun.


Fred Name: Fred
English Voice: Unknown
Japanese Voice: Naomi Shindo

Information: Fred continues his sidekick role throughout the entire title. At an older age, he is apparently a caretaker or teacher to the reborn versions of the Embryon. They now look to him for guidance and knowledge.




Sera Name: Schrödinger
English Voice: Unknown
Japanese Voice: Unknown

Information: Schrödinger follows the Embryon throughout both titles, but his role is not made very apparent until deeper into the second game. He carries two bells around his neck which mirror the Atma on Seraph's forehead. His breed appears to be the Chartreux or possibly a Russian Blue.

Schrödinger is interesting in the fact that he's always there when needed. As such, he has an almost godlike or messianic feel about him; someone who watches over you and helps ensure what is supposed to take place does take place. Early on in DDS2, his most obvious appearance is on the Game Over screen where he is encased in a lotus flower and, seemingly, looks down in disappointment.

Through this it is heavily implied that, simply, he is yet another manifestation of God, or Brahman. When you first face Brahman at the end of the game, the lotus flower also makes an appearance. The goal of Schrödinger is to have Serph somehow reach God and defeat him in battle. The purpose of this is not to kill God, but rather to prove that the will of humankind is strong and thus not deserving of the chaos currently being bestowed upon them on Earth.

Schrödinger is based upon a paradox known as "Schrödinger's Cat" by a man named Erwin Schrödinger that was presented to Albert Einstein. Erwin's contention was as follows: We place a cat in a box we cannot see through. Also set up is a mechanism that we cannot read, but that has a 50% chance of killing the cat and a 50% chance of not killing the cat. Because there is a 50%/50% chance this cat may die, but it is impossible to know, the cat can be considered both living and dead at that stage. The only way we can know the true outcome is by opening the box, at which point its final form will be known.

This is exemplified by the in-game character, largely by the fact that as a manifestation of God he can come and go as he pleases. He is neither living nor dead, but simply is. As such, he can travel between the world of the living and the world of the dead (Nirvana) as necessary.