Digital Devil Saga 2 Characters

This section is divided into two parts. The part you are currently at deals with information that is presented near the beginning of the game or that should be known following the completion of the original Digital Devil Saga.

If you would like to read information about the characters following the completion of Digital Devil Saga 2, please go here.


Serph Name: Serph
Atma: Water Crown
Demon: Varna
English Voice: Crispin Freeman
Japanese Voice: Nojima Kenji

Information: The leader of the only Tribe to emerge from the wasteland called The Junkyard. Believing Nirvana to be an endless paradise, they conquered all rival Tribes and ultimately defeated Angel at the top of the Karma Temple. Immediately afterward, a strange light shook the temple to its foundations, the Junkyard vanished and the Embryon were separated.

Serph awakens in a Nirvana far different from his expecations. In this strange broken world, the leader of the Embryon sets off to find his comrades. The story starts off with him already finding Argilla and Gale in the underground near Karma City.


Argilla Name: Argilla
Atma: Seismic Wave
Demon: Prithivi
English Voice: Amanda Winn Lee
Japanese Voice: Touma Yumi

Information: Like most of the Embryon, Argilla disappears without a trace during the destruction of the Junkyard. She manages to join up with Serph and Gale within the underground, where they first meet Fred and his friend.



Heat Name: Heat
Atma: Fireball
Demon: Agni
English Voice: Steven Jay Blum
Japanese Voice: Midorikawa Hikaru

Information: Heat vanishes along with the rest of the Embryon during the Junkyard's destruction.




Gale Name: Gale
Atma: Twister
Demon: Vayu
English Voice: Steven Jay Blum
Japanese Voice: Hideyuki Hori

Information: Gale retains his emotionless state longer than any other member of the Embryon. Throughout their time in the Junkyard, Gale has sudden flashbacks of an apparent previous "life". In these flashbacks, he sees the face of a certain female for whom he feels a strong attachment. It is discovered that this woman is Jenna Angel. During the destruction of the Junkyard, he surprises her in his attempts to save her. This turns out to be a futile attempt, however, as they all disappear into the white light around them.

He joins Serph and Argilla early on in the underground.


Cielo Name: Cielo
Atma: Rainbow Arch
Demon: Dyaus
English Voice: Dave Wittenberg
Japanese Voice: Miura Hiroaki

Information: Cielo disappears into nothingness along with the rest of the Embryon.




Sera Name: Sera
Atma: Unknown
Demon: Varnani
English Voice: Wendy Lee Curtis
Japanese Voice: Houku Kuwashima

Information: Sera aided in the battle against Jenna's Hari Hara by singing to soothe the demon forms of her friends. Upon the destruction of the Junkyard, she screams out to Serph that she will find him.




Roald Name: Roland
Atma:Lightning Bolt
Demon: Indra
English Voice: Unknown
Japanese Voice: Nobutoshi Kanna

Information: The current leader of the Lokapala, a rebel group fighting against the Karma Society. The original leader of the group was a man named Greg, but upon his death, both his son Fred and the Lokapala passed into Roland's care. Originally a classically educated author, Roland now drowns his sorrows in alcohol.



Sera Name: Jenna Angel
Atma: Maelstrom
Demon: Hari Hara
English Voice: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Japanese Voice: Tomizawa Michie

Information: Jenna is initially heard only as a mysterious voice within the Junkyard known as "Angel". Once the Embryon defeat the other Tribes and make their way to the top of the Karma Temple with Sera, they find her true self. Here it is discovered that her intentions for Sera are anything but positive. Following a battle between the Emrbyon and Jenna's demon form, Hari Hara, Serph destroys a green orb she is carrying. At this point, the world around them begins to collapse into nothingness.


Madame Couvier Name: Madame Couvier
Atma: N/A
Demon: Varnani
English Voice: Unknown
Japanese Voice: Hiroko Emori

Information: The head of the Karma Association. She is the one who initially "discovered" the disease that causes humans to turn to stone under the light of the Sun. As such, this disease is refered to as the Couvier Syndrome. She continues to research the problem and possibile treatments, building a dome over the city in order to protect its inhabitans from the harsh rays of the Sun.