Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga Characters

Serph Name: Serph
Atma: Water Crown
Demon: Varna (Mouse over image to see)
English Voice: Unknown (Speculated to be Crispin Freeman on Atlus's forums)
Japanese Voice: Kenji Nojima

Information: He is the leader of the Embryon, the tribe located in Muladahara, and the main character in the game. The "Water Crown" Atma on Serph's cheek allows him to transform into Varna. Despite the Embryon's small number, Serph's calm and measured leadership decisions have allowed them to join the top six tribes. His comrades tend to wonder at his lack of expression.

Unlike the other characters in the game, Serph is not given his own voice. You, the player, make his dialogue choices throughout the game. These choices in turn affect the flow of the story and the way in which other characters respond to him.

Varna is a heavenly god who is said to have created the Three Worlds. He unifies the laws of the universe with the laws of Heaven. Depending on the myth, Varna is assigned different affinities such as water, wind, the seasons, medicine and death. He often appears as a man, but he can take the form of a woman or be androgynous. Serph's incarnation of Varna is a strong creature that is aligned with the water element.


Argilla Name: Argilla
Atma: Seismic Wave
Demon: Prithivi (Mouse over image to see)
English Voice: Unknown (Speculated to be Amanda Winn Lee on Atlus's forums)
Japanese Voice: Yumi Touma

Information: The Embryon's master sniper, her name is pronounced "ar-jill-ah". Argilla can change into Prithivi, as shown by the "Seismic Wave" Atma on her chest. She is reluctant to devour others once her Atma awakens. Although she is conflicted by sadness and uncertainty, she decides to fight in order to protect her comrades and survive to see a world free from war.

Prithivi is the goddess of earth in Aryan mythology. She and Dyaus are considered the mother and father of many other gods. Prithivi gave birth to Ushasu, Agni and Indra. Argilla's incarnation of Prithivi is a quick and lithe fighter aligned with the earth.


Heat Name: Heat
Atma: Fireball
Demon: Agni (Mouse over image to see)
English Voice: Unknown (Speculated to be Steven Jay Blum on Atlus's forums)
Japanese Voice: Hikaru Midorikawa

Information: A key member of the Embryon. Once loyal and unquestioning, Heat begins to disagree with Serph once his Atma awakens. As his personality changes, he becomes increasingly prone to violent outbursts. He's constantly frustrated by his inability to control his actions, and deep-seated feelings—except when he's alone with Sera.

Although Agni controlled the sun, thunder and holy fire in the Three Worlds, he was widely known as the god of fire. He was recognized as brother of Indra, and was also known for his ability to purify. It is said that Agni burns with anger, but also possesses the flame of intelligence. Heat's incarnation of Agni is a hulking two-headed beast aligned with fire.


Gale Name: Gale
Atma: Twister
Demon: Vayu (Mouse over image to see)
English Voice: Unknown (Speculated to be Steven Jay Blum on Atlus's forums)
Japanese Voice: Hori Hideyuki

Information: His computer-like calculations and analysis make gale the perfect strategist and tactical advisor for the Embryon. He's also a skilled warrior, skilled in leg and kick attacks. Gale has a recurring vision after the Awakening, but labels it illogical and continues on as normal. Unlike the others, Gale does not feel emotion or yearn for a forgotten past; he obediently follows the law and masterminds the Embyon's ultimate victory.

Vayu is the god of wind that gallops through the heavens in a golden carriage, bringing about blessing and destruction. He is also called Vata, Anila or Gandharva and is considered the father of Hanuman. Gale's incarnation of Vayu is aligned with force (wind).


Cielo Name: Cielo
Atma: Rainbow Arch
Demon: Dyaus (Mouse over image to see)
English Voice: Unknown
Japanese Voice: Hiroaki Miura

Information: A member of the Embryon who changes drastically when his Atma awakens. Cielo becomes a very happy, easy going person with a friendly personality. He tries to keep the mood light to calm down the more serious party members, like Heat and Argilla. He's misunderstood by the others, but he lets it roll off his back and remainds upbeat.

Dyaus is the oldest of the Aryan gods, known as the god of heaven and the father of many other gods. He is also known as Tyr in Norse mythology, and is associated with the sun. Cielo's incarnation of Dyaus has the power of flight and is aligned with electricity.


Sera Name: Sera
Atma: N/A
Demon: N/A
English Voice: Unknown (Speculated to be Wendy Lee Curtis on Atlus's forums)
Japanese Voice: Houku Kuwashima

Information: The black-haired girl that appeared mysteriously after light swept the junkyard. She seems to have amnesia, and was not wearing a Tag Ring when she was found (Tag Rings are required for indentification, and every Tribe member wears one). Her singing can prevent others from changing into demons or soothe existing ones back into their former human shapes. Her forgotten memories become increasingly important to Serph and the Embryon. These seems to be a connection between her, the Karma Temple and Nirvana.