One Coin Figure Series - Digital Devil Realize - 2003

In 2003, a series of Megten related One Coin figures hit Japan. One Coin, as noted elsewhere on the site, gets its name from the fact that these figures can be bought for a single ¥500 piece. Like other One Coin releases, the box gives no indication as to which figure is packaged inside. As such, fans are generally stuck buying multiple boxes until their set is complete. This obviously brings in more money for the manufacturer, but it also increases the trading factor between fans. In most cases, fans in other countries will have to rely on import sites and eBay auctions to acquire these figures and most of the time they are already opened so that you know which you’re getting ahead of time.

The figures in this collection are well chosen and easily familiar to fans of Megaten in general. Their design is solid, despite their small size. Unfortunately, the figures are made of very stiff plastic. A few of them require some basic assembly and as such it can be very easy to break off the small pieces that hook everything together.

Click the thumbnails below to see the larger, full versions.


Digital Devil Realize One Coin FiguresDigital Devil Realize One Coin FiguresDigital Devil Realize One Coin FiguresDigital Devil Realize One Coin FiguresDigital Devil Realize One Coin FiguresDigital Devil Realize One Coin Figures

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