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Title: STICKY: Meet The News Team / Message to The News Team...
Post by: yksehtniycul on October 05, 2008, 03:35:09 PM
This thread is an introduction to The News Team. Aka, the members with Wordpress privileges.

News Team members should also read this thread in it's entirety and keep an eye on it for updates, prior to posting new news reports.

For now everyone given special privileges will be a Contributor. This is like an Author but you can't publish your own posts. Publishing just means they're finalized and sent out on the RSS feed. Also Contributors can't upload files, but I'll try to hack Wordpress to fix that. In the meantime you can probably reference images etcetera hosted offsite.

Your passwords are likely the same as you were using in the old bbs. If you've changed it, and can't remember your old password, there is probably a feature to have it emailed to your old mailing address. If you still can't get into your account let me know and I'll assign your account a temporary password. This goes for subscribers (normal users) as well. If you've only registered with the new BBS, then I'll have to look into what to do about you :sweatdrop:

My account is an Editor. But I'm also the admin user (a separate account)

DevilRy (;u=443)

Title: Re: STICKY: The News Team...
Post by: yksehtniycul on October 07, 2008, 08:30:21 AM
Tip #1

To add a gallery to your post use the following HTML syntax:

<a href=""
rel="lightbox[8.1.2008]"><img src=""
alt="your_alternate_text" /></a>

<a href=""
rel="lightbox[8.1.2008]"><img src=""
alt="your_alternate_text" /></a>

The rel="lightbox[8.1.2008]" portion should cage your images in their own gallery. The number used is the date of the post. If there is more than one post per day and yours is a later post, please extend that number with the time of day or whatever.

Be careful not to leave spaces between your HTML elements, because Wordpress is likely to interpret them oddly (normal HTML ignores most white space, Wordpress tries to be all intuitive and stuff)

edited: Also if you use title="your title" in the <a> tag, the image viewer will display the title underneath the image. Whether to use a title or not is up to you, but if the same title isn't clearly printed on the image you should try to use one. It is also probably true that if there is only one image in the gallery, the rel="lightbox[]" bit is optional. That parameter is to tie images together into a single navigatable gallery.

Title: Re: STICKY: Meet The News Team / Message to The News Team...
Post by: yksehtniycul on October 07, 2008, 10:41:02 AM
Rule #1

Keywords should be underscored with the <u> HTML tag. This should permit a skimming reader to capture a quick profile of the article / focus in on areas of interest to themselves.

Note: This section is for news. Normal articles should not be marked up this way (though article writers are free to utilize the underscoring)

Title: Re: STICKY: The News Team...
Post by: yksehtniycul on October 17, 2008, 09:14:27 PM
Rule #2

When you're ready for your news item to be published. Make a post in this board (Find Your Voice) with the subject "NEWS: <your headline here>".

That post's thread will be linked to from the news item on the front page (and elsewhere) for discussion purposes.

More importantly this is the preferred way of bring our attention to your item for publishing.

If you're unsure about you're works fitness for publishing, please make a separate thread first in seek of advice, then a NEWS thread when you fill you're ready.