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Title: So uh, in case anyone stops by here...
Post by: Jessicat on December 28, 2020, 12:12:50 AM
I can no longer access my website-end account as the email associated with it no longer exists. Whoops.

Otherwise, I'm still alive and have been archiving and posting some megaten merch I own over at ShinMegamiTuesday on twitter. I'm a little stuck right now as apparently new MEGA accounts only have 15GB not 50GB of storage and I've already filled it up.

With the Nocturne HD Remaster there's been a small surge in new SMT merch but it's largely old Kaneko art repurposed and/or recoloured (still not sure who thought the piss filter on the games cover art was a good idea).

Still holding out for Raja Naga to get added to Dx2 lol. And hey, SMTV isn't a lost legend anymore :v