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Site Updates: Downtime Ending

July 1st, 2007 by Tony at

I wanted to address some of the “downtime” this site has had recently. Obviously it’s been accessible, but it’s not been updated as often as I would have liked.

This is being rectified by a couple of things:

  1. Restructuring of the staff. My current main assistant, Traci, will see her role in the site increase. In addition, there are finally some others interested in helping with updates to the site. I expect that this will play the biggest part in keeping the site well maintained as, frankly, it’s quite hard to do by yourself.
  2. Other web site commitments I’ve been involved with are essentially over. Digital Devil Database, currently, is the only “hobby” project I am involved with and therefore will receive a lot more of my attention.
  3. My actual job is relaxing some and will seemingly remain as such for most of the year. Good news.

Essentially this site will again become the priority it was for me in earlier this year when the switch to the new version was first becoming apparent. The last of the game sections that have not been moved over fully will be finished thanks to the newfound help, older game sections will begin to be expanded and new game sections will be made. This also means things people have contacted me about will finally be addressed (such as potential spoiler information in the Nocturne section, to name one). In addition, the Demonary (which has been in full working condition for a while now) will definitely be opened very soon due to a nice editions to my personal library that will speed up the process of adding information to it significantly.

I am very proud of this site and have every intention of keeping it running. My very sincere hope is that this is the last entry of its type you will read here for a very significant amount of time. I cannot foresee anything affecting this, particularly due to my computer (the main source of recent issues) has been completely rebuilt and is running wonderfully.

I thank you for your patience thus far and, as always, for continuing to visit.

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