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Atlus’s E3 Booth

Jeudi 12 juillet 2007 by Tony at

Not the most exciting news in the world, but in case you were wondering what Atlus’s E3 set-up looked like there’s a glimpse of it in N-Sider’s E3 newsfeed. Unfortunately I can’t permalink to their live blogging posts, but here’s a link to the image.

If you’ve seen any other pictures (or have your own) feel free to share them.

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Atlus to Have E3 Booth

Mardi 24 avril 2007 by Tony at

Not a major announcement usually, but given the proposed changes to E3 for 2007 (including significant downsizing), it’s still good to read. Atlus is signed up with dozens of other major publishers to have some sort of presence at E3. The point of the downsizing (and other changes) was seemingly to pull some of the spotlight off of the biggest players and to prevent it from continuing to be such a circus… we’ll see how well this works out for smaller companies such as Atlus.

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