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Atlus USA Revela el Empaque de Convocador del Diablo 2

Jueves, Abril 23rd, 2009 by Emilio Morales at

Para todas aquellas personas que se preguntaron “¿Cómo voy a recibir mi juego y mi plushie?”, bueno, la respuesta es clara, en una caja! pero no una caja de cartón ordinario, recibirás tu juego en el “ultimo ítem de colección para fans de SMT”, la caja deluxe de “Devil Summoner 2″.

“El ultimo item de colección para fans de SMT”

Gente que ya ha realizado su pre-order del juego recibirán: El juego; “Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon” (obviamente), un plushie de Raiho y ambos estarán empacados en una caja deluxe con el logo del juego y muy probable que contenga arte del mismo en la parte trasera. Así que esta es otra buena razón para que estés emocionado por el 12 de Mayo.

Si aun no has hecho tu pre-order, esta debería ser, sin duda alguna, una buena razón para hacerlo lo mas pronto posible, porque recuerda: “esta disponible en cantidades muy limitadas”.

Translated thanks to Emilio Morales

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Atlus USA El sitio de Devil Survivor viene a la vida

Martes, Abril 21st, 2009 by wolfzau at

Atlus USA ha lanzado la web oficial de Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. El sitio incluye una lista de cosas por las cuales debemos emocionarnos, incluyendo un video in-game, capturas de pantalla e información de los caracteres e historia. Actualmente solo tres caracters y un trozo de la historia ha sido publicada, pero solo con ver estos videos debería de ser suficiente para tener emocionado a cualquier fan de Megaten.

Desearía que mi primo fuera así de cool

El sitio promete actualizaciones como fondos de pantalla, avatares (gratuitos), y por supuesto, más información sobre la historia y los once personajes principales que habitan el mundo del juego, así que asegúrate de chequearlo regularmente.

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Translated thanks to Emilio Morales

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FYI: The Database Needs Contributors…
Or, If you thought we have a writing staff, think again!!

Lunes, Abril 20th, 2009 by Digital Devil Database at

Ever since the website was resurrected (after a nearly fatal fumble left it without a soul to tend to it’s needs) there has been a gulf where it was hoped wayward writers would find their way. We have waited and baited to no avail. So in one last ditch effort we’d like to make it plainly clear, we have no writing staff (in case anyone had presumed there was one.) In fact the website is user generated. Anyone and everyone are welcome, and encouraged, to make a scene in our forums, and we’re pledged to scramble to see that your contributions find a way onto the website. And anyway, this is how the website works now in case someone didn’t get the notice!

Oh, and on a not-unrelated note. The website will need to raise at least 100$ per year by way of the ads (per click) or there is no guarantee it will survive from year to year. So far we have almost 60$ in our coffers, but the current trend is not projecting in our favor. Observing our advertisements is a very easy way to support the site that anyone can do. Please consider doing so. Many people have worked hard to make this website possible, and now so can you! There are no more barriers (or excuses) just possibilities.

We have to find an English editor fast or else!!
Translators also welcome…

March 2nd, 2009 by Digital Devil Database at

Without an English editor we can no longer continue to add timely content to the website or news blog in English. We always love to see new contributors, but we must find someone able to read and write English with enough ability to produce a passing paper for a college level course. An editor does not need to write new content for the database, but is needed to correct new content of varying quality prior to publishing. We need righteous people to help us get the job done! Please consider lending your talents to our effort…

On a less dreadful note, we’re nearing completion of our translation facilities. And would very much like to welcome anyone who can read and write two languages, and preferably one with native fluency, to help us translate our website’s interface and many articles. Please don’t hesitate to offer your support. . . . .

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